The SA planet has two continents, Kumari Kadam and Lemuria.  Na Denei and Nyx share Kumari Kadam. Although they have a turbulent history, the peoples are at peace when the SA comic begins.

A bit about the map: first, the SA planet is not an alternate Earth, so the landforms don’t intentionally resemble our geography. Second, the talented Janka created this world map. She painted it with watercolors! So pretty!! I love the details in her work. <3 You can see more of her art on Deviantart here:

My only contribution to this image was a rough outline of continents/description of landform locations. I initially wanted to plan all the tectonic plates, subduction zones, etc, and try to predict how they’d affect the shape and environments of each continent. However, that project became too time-consuming, so I crumpled up my tectonic sketches and threw them into a volcano.

Fun fact: Janka painted a cute red dragon in the map perimeter – the SA universe does have dragons! They live in mountainous regions in northern Lemuria and possess magic, a rare trait in the SA animal kingdom. As an endangered species, wild dragons are elusive, particularly individuals with vibrant-colored scales. Some Nyx scientists claim that dog-sized, intelligent dragonlings are endemic to Gwyddno island!

I’ll ramble more about environments later, but the Na Denei desert is based on a fusion of White Sands, New Mexico and the mesa around T Hueston’s childhood home in Arizona. The desert is surrounded by grassland that’s similar to the North American prairies. The Nyx forest is inspired by Earth’s prehistoric jungles, with about 10 times the extreeeme size and biodiversity. No dinosaurs, though.

Do you see that mountain range that divides the Na Denei and Nyx territories? That … that’s probably where two tectonic plates collided.

Aw yiss tectonics.


PS: the Nyx territory has a lot of chemical/biological/rune engineering laboratories.