Bregga: A Human knight stationed in Na Denei territory, Bregga serves the Bright One. She dreams of worldwide harmony and prosperity; one peaceful day would be great, too. Pronouns: she/her. Dfab feminine genderqueer person.


Faatin: A Na Denei traveler, Faatin has impeccable taste (in all things) and a mysterious past. Pronouns: she/her. Cis woman.

Bright One

Bright One: A god to some, an alien to others, and an enigma to the rest, the Bright One has been around for countless millennia. One enjoys taking hundred-year (or longer) naps. One’s symbol is a radiant eye. Pronouns: any.


Vars: Charming, crafty, and hella magical, Sir Vars is going places. But can this fledgling knight be trusted? Pronouns: He/him. Trans man.